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“There are those who feel the glass is half full, there are others who feel the glass is half empty. And there are also people who are engineers who feel the glass is not fit for purpose and the fool in charge of ordering it deserves to be shot at dawn,” my new and eminently likeable specialist said to me a few weeks ago. [para-phrased]

I thought of returning the verbal volley with, ‘How many psychologists does it take to replace a light bulb?’

Only one, but the lightbulb needs to want to change.

But as Scott’s a neurologist, I thought I’d save that one for my first appointment with the new psychiatrist, slated for January or February.

There is so much to say about this past year. I won’t.

I’m not wont to feature many throwback marxist iconoclasts in these pages but as he’s also a damn fine songwriter, here’s Billy himself with a ditty he once penned which still rings out to me whenever I feel a tad downtrodden.

But of course, Kirsty’s rendition made it a minor hit in the 80s. I love the sad resigned tone of it, some of the switched-on verbal flourishes in the lyrics.

‘When at last it didn’t ring, I knew it wasn’t you.’

Also like the mock upbeat drive of this would-be peppy pop song and that crystal clear Celtic muse voice of course. Bloody Auld Lang Syne indeed.

Am going to high-bear-nate until tomorrow.

Wishing all of you out there a wonderful, blessed and truly inspirational start to the neo-Roaring Twenties.




If you’d like to be rich, let’s see how you can enrich the lives of others

If you’re seeking inspiration, let’s see how you can inspire others

If you’d like to find kindness, let’s see how you be kinder to others

If you like to be healed, let’s see if and how you can heal others



Who knows? Perhaps if we mere mortals can muster the mental wherewithal to shift or even just recalibrate the focus in our prayers or wishful thinking, in our ‘cosmic ordering’ or in the cleansing of our chakras or even in the knit-picking of our fave Dickie Dawkins quotes from the first to the second part of the equation, we might find that in making progress on the latter, the former has actually already been following suit all along.

Without any fuss, fanfare or even without us noticing any great effort having to be made or price having to be paid.

But it’s not all lofty mea-culpa induced mellowness that occupies me today. I also hope and pray we all can look forward to a much better start to the next decade. Lord knows for many, the year that crowned the last was fucking awful.

In parts. Many parts. #silverliningnotwithstandingcaveatproductions


But as always, life is good and there is much yet to play for.

Que sera, sera.

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