Having myself a merry little grab for Lebensraum

Just preparing the cave for a summer hibernation. Pls don’t be offended if I am incommunicado. Will need to make a lot of changes, e.g. might kill off the site as it’s going nowhere fast and I don’t have time to take my time.

A project such as this needs exposure, feedback and interaction. With the only feedback ever to reach me limited to, ‘I don’t understand it all’ and even a would-be fun or more accessible piece on voetjebal not registering, not meriting a single like or comment, there’s really not much point putting in the hard yakka. That’s a nice bit of Aussie slang for you, it’s … oh well, you might as well googlelyze it yourselves, that’s if you managed to get the end of this paragraph.

I adore the process of writing and thought I was starting to make my way back to some measure of quality with the last few pieces. But I can’t spend so much of my waning energy on this if it’s regarded as not much more than some oddball’s online diary with some confused privacy settings.

A writer can work in isolation but can not operate in a vacuum. Additionally,  I will need to rethink that whole PD push. I understand not everyone would have been able to see what I was trying to do.

From my POV, my plans to warn against the very real dangers of unintended life-changing consequences for PD meds users,  as well as my moribund campaign to try and put YOPD on the map in terms of raising awareness and funds were solid and sincere.

Had some great ideas too, for the Starkers for Parkers campaign I would have tried to contact Pamela Stephenson to see if she believed her hubby,  like me a sincere naturist and PD sufferer, might have been interested in spearheading our campaign.

I know I am no walk in the park and am just choosing to dive for cover as the seasonal festivities kick off in earnest, nothing too dramatic, I just know myself too well.

In truth, the PD itself does not have the power to entirely stop me in my meandering, erratic tracks. However, I feel now that the mixed-bag bonus of the Sifrolic prowess boost might well prove my undoing.

How can I be expected to manage it? Never alerted that it could be a major problem in the first place, and even now just left to my own devices I have yet to be apprised of any potential method to address the challenge. And a challenge it is, while of course on the other hand, provided all YOPD ducks are lined up in a row, much mutual frisky and near-endlessly sustained non-physio physical fun can be had. Although one could hardly call it a design for living.

And before long, here too Bloody Mr Parkinson can be expected to offer a shiny new box of tricks from which to select the tools required to keep me on the inverse of the straight and narrow.

One thought on “Having myself a merry little grab for Lebensraum

  1. Oom, ik wens ook dat je website door een breder publiek wordt gezien. Al denk ik zeker dat mensen je teksten lezen, maar niet altijd een reactie geven. Ik vind het mooi, oprecht, recht voor z’n raap en dapper wat je allemaal schrijft. Wat een kl*te ziekte is het toch.. Hopelijk brengt het nieuwe jaar ook jou heel veel goeds, in ieder geval wens ik dat wel voor je. Love you xxx Lindsay

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