On the good ship Mateship

This is the kind of Australia I love.. Just now, after another smoke-filled day – it’s been worst on Tuesdays here for the past few weeks, although it’s important to note that it’s just smoke we’re finding annoying and unhealthy, which it is, but at least it’s not uhm .. actual fires we’re having to contend with – and realising I’d had a good but also very tiring day, I noticed the lights and TV flickering ever so slightly in that familiar ‘Hey, have you got enough candles, ( fork handles ) matches, torches etc.?‘ kind of way.

Also wanted to make a last minute dash to see if one of the local chemists had my Mad Opa Rabbit (Madopar Rapid) in stock. So, also ticked off my physio exercise by flip-flopping my way to the Esplanade.

Chemist is getting the stuff for me to pick up tomorrow arvo – post DSP claim finalising – and that’s perfect. The weather growing more and more menacing, I then picked up some hot chips and a beef and onion pie from this stall which is almost always open and tends to employ some really nice staff.

And yes, lovely girl with equally lovely long blonde ponytail suggests I go for the $6 medium chips in stead of the $9 large option, as ‘There’s honestly not much difference, hi hi. So you might as well, I  reckon!’

Indeed, I’m with you on that and much obliged I’m sure. Doubled back to supermercado  which luckily was still abierto to get some coffee pods, compatible with yes, you’ve guessed it ..

Also a scouring metally thingey which I know as a Brillo pad so I can fashion my roadside bounty into a shining indoor clothes line for those two and a half days a year when it rains (cum grano salis alert).

Sent some urgent emails while was back at the bustop waiting for the Kinson cocktail to kick in. Not much later, with the winds kicking off a bit more, the no.68 pulls up, I shuffle onto the plate or whatever the hell it’s called.

There’s no one else on the bus but i notice i didn’t have time to put a tenner on my Opal card. I say, ‘Oh, I can pay with a debit card if you like?’

‘Nah, you’re alright mate. I know you’re only going up the road. No worries.’

So he already knew at which stop I needed to alight.

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