I must be turning into an old so and so. Last Sunday morning i was up with the kind of lovely people you tend to meet in a lovely place such as this. The couples walking their dogs, the girls walking their iPhones, the early coffee fanatics savouring their liquid prize as they slowly walk back home, pausing every now and then to sip that latte or flat white with the respect it deserves.

And, everyone greets you when you venture out of your bunker. I admit I like it.

It sort of reminds you of the back to basics rules of that tricky old game called being human.

Instead of accompanying this upbeat ditty with my usual go to feel good Beatles song Here Comes the Sun, I will leave you with another one I just uncovered.

Simply because of the lovely tune and bright sentiment. OK, I’m playing Macca’s live rendition. So sue me!

One thought on “Codger

  1. Mooi geschreven oom! Het zit em inderdaad ook in de kleine dingen ❤️

    I agree. Sometimes it’s the so-called little things where some measure of comfort can be found .

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