Rest in peace, the Kogarah Kid

In the end, he never made it back to his beloved Sydney. Clive James, passed away at the age of 80 after a huge battle with cancer. So sad ..

Some people just get under your skin and into your heart. He was I suppose part of that intellectual Australian exodus during the 60s, which also saw Germaine Greer and Barry Humphries leaving for the UK and inevitable fame and perhaps fortune.

I loved his autobiographies about landing in England, his introduction into Cambridge University’s arcane world – the boy who’d grown up in Kogarah, that most mundane of suburbs – getting his head around the myriad of idiosyncrasies in the mother country.

I’m just very, very sad .. I just took to him. Never afraid to challenge the established leftoid group think, but always remaining his own man. Poet, scholar, wit.

And he had that gentle, soothing tongue in cheek quality some Australian men of his generation seemed to cultivate so effortlessly.

He even inspired me in a way to launch this very website when, years ago he decided no longer to do any TV or other assignments which had become too onerous as his disease loomed ever larger in his outlook, he started his own legacy site online where he started collating his vast body of work. I haven’t checked it out for years, I must admit, however. I will do that shortly and report back.

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