Trial & (T)error

The Chatswood Boxing for PD is a really good programme, I had a few sessions a while ago, which unfortunately I was unable to continue with due to other considerations at the time. But for anyone with PD or caring for someone with PD in Sydney I would urge them to check it out. Founded by this lovely guy, can’t recall his name but I really liked him.

He had a lovely ‘energy’ as the kids say. A former chemist, PD sufferer who noted the success of some early US-based PD-focused boxing routines and introduced it over here. Visionary I would say.

Also, for those of you who associate boxing with … well, boxing I suppose, I can reassure you it’s fun, there are women as well as men, all ages and backgrounds and stages of PD..

For me, it’s steady as she goes and one step at a time, as I’m still trying to tweak and recalibrate my PD meds and find I need to keep bashing the message into my noggin not to try and run before I can walk (not liking that!).

I’m really hoping to be able to attend one of the Box Fit by the Sea Classes this coming week. Just to get back into the swing of things (#punalert) and maybe even make a few new friends in my new locale..

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