Knocked for six, yet all to play for

Three years into my YOPD stint I finally have gained a bit more of an understanding of that whole diminishing returns  principle, in terms of the need to try and devise a regime whereby one can function relatively adequately on the lowest possible dose of the old L-Dopa.

Especially in connection to YOPD. It always just eluded me, although I could gather vicariously that this core issue was somehow very important.

(A bit like when I lived in the UK during the first Ashes Series I ever encountered, having grown up not in my native Australia, nor in England but in non-cricket affected Holland)

Just five minutes listening to a calm and sensitive, intelligent medical practitioner, along with a basic, clear drawing of a typical diagram showing the incredibly steep and short release duration of the stuff was all it took.

Now, whether I am able to explain it to anyone else?  As my people used to say, ‘The Dominican knows it, the Franciscan understands it, but the Jesuit can explain it.’

And the Ricardian? He can pen a weird neo pre-Raphaelite poem about it, I suppose.

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