Um sonst / Harold Holt, wait for me!

As I am ‘enjoying’ day 2 without the means to purchase even a sausage roll, I just left my GP, whom I had rated highly, even more depressed than when I went in, which is saying something.

Decided to just thank her for her time halfway through and bugger off when, after I’d asked her to write my prescriptions, he asked, ‘And the Sifrol, are you still on the Sifrol?’

What’s the fornicating point? I will ring the surgery and ask to me remove from their patients list.

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  1. Just one day without having to make a spectacle of myself would have been nice. Amazing how no one at Wamberal surgery has bothered to follow up. They are probably relieved.. oh well I am done having endless nice talks with endless nice people within health care and CL FFS. Have been trying to get help since 2016. Ok I can take a hint. Maybe could have made it till Friday next CL payment with out eating. I do like a challenge just not so sure how I will go without Kinson… Never mind.


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