G.K. Chesterton sponsored fun facts no.1

Did you know that in actual fact, it’s not at all mandatory for nations outside the North American continent to adopt US festive traditions? I know right, I too assumed it must have become compulsory at some stage during the past few years to get with it and get down Asmodeus style.

Seriously, it doesn’t upset me greatly anymore. It’s still a free country and if some want to follow blindly whatever ‘cool’ US fad pours into their living rooms, then I guess that’s their right to do so. I know how immense the pulling power of US popular culture is.

However, what does irk me is when it becomes a case where if for some reason you’re not a fan – because let’s say, you’re not that keen on promoting the occult, once a niche interest at best, to the extent that for some bizarre reason it needs to become mainstream and acceptable in all quarters – you’re suddenly the odd one out or a kill-joy.

And I know all about the Celtic roots, my own tradition’s take on it and what-not. In fact, I’m quite well-versed in some of these twilight-lit topics residing in some now less accessible drawers of the metaphorical writing desk I lugged behind me during a wayward life spent curious about just about everything.

Of course, if I were put in charge of organising a Halloween party (it could happen) my dubious sense of decorum would no doubt kill off the fun once and for all. Not that interested anymore in messing around or going through the motions, I’d probably want to prove a point again and stage the inaugural and final Ton Ton Macoute Extravaganza Benin-style with actual Papa as well as Baby Doc reps flown in from Port-au-Prince to help blow the sleepy sleepy powder dust into the revellers eyes and do the Baron Samedi Walk. (‘You put your left foot forward .. hang on, where did it go?’)

But yeah, not sure if it would still be ‘a bit of fun’?

It would just be nice if those opting to celebrate ( … ) – this is the crux of the matter to me, what answer can one expect when posing one of the revellers that key question *) – can try to include those of us who don’t like the thing by excluding us without any nonsense.

And yes, believe it or not, I do like to have a laugh or a piss up for no other reason then ‘it’s a bit of fun’..

In fact, I happen to really love the Mexican influence in the Western part of the US. That particular festival is also ‘a bit of fun’ so I might start getting some numbers together to introduce a fair-dinkum version of the Cinco de Mayo parade next year. What exactly would I be celebrating? I don’t understand the question.

Lisa and I used to take turns getting creative putting up a helpful sign on the door. Hey, at least it prevented the neighbours’ kids having to feel embarrassed. I tended to get all argumentative of course, Lisa being much more honest & direct.

I spoke to her today, and suddenly remembered our own erstwhile Halloween tradition of sorts.

Couldn’t resist asking her for Auld Lang Syne and true to form, she came up with a blinder of course. I said, ‘Would you mind if I post it? I can make it anonymous but I like people to know that it’s ok not to like Halloween and this is just so effective?’

Of course, she answered, ‘I don’t mind at all and you can put my name, it’s all good x😊’

“My killer anti-Halloween text? Hmm, I didn’t have any kids coming around this year but if I had been prepared I would have a sign on the door saying “Halloween believers knock at own risk. Beware: Christian menopausal woman inside” 😂

NB. As Lisa is not on my Facebook I will not repost, post or forward it anywhere else than within these pages unless requested by her.



*) ‘When people stop believing in God, they don’t believe in nothing, they believe anything.’  G.K. Chesterton 

3 thoughts on “G.K. Chesterton sponsored fun facts no.1

  1. Great post and so true when people stop believing in God they don’t believe in nothing, they believe in anything. That is very true and scary.

    1. It’s also interesting when it comes to this kind of thing, that very often mistakenly the assumption is made that if someone doesn’t approve it must be due to a lack of knowledge. Perhaps in a few years time we’ll be labeled satanophobic LOL. They don’t know the half of it, poor sods.

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