Can you guess where I’ll be heading today?

Yep, no prizes for guessing right though, because by now what loyal readers ROZ still has have become used ad nauseam to seeing these descriptions of endless trips to Gosford Centrelink.

Today, I shall be notifying them that the breakdown of my Newstart payments such as I have just received – interesting how these emailed updates always arrive in the dead of night – is incorrect.

The new amount they’ve decided upon, a weekly payment of $268.39 which btw I won’t be seeing in my bank account until 8 November, doesn’t include any rental assistance.

This, as will doubtless be explained to me very slowly by a nice staff member, will be due to me having missed the time window by which to return a form sent to me requesting proof of my private rent agreement.

I will be contrite, cap in hand and promise to do better next time, all the while  brandishing the actual rental lease in my hand-out hand.

In addition, the munificent mandarins have divined that I currently have a weekly income of $89.22

I wish! Would that it were. If only my rapidly progressing PD allowed me to secure such a comfortable buffer with which to keep the various circling wolves from the door.

As I told a CL staff member the day before last – ah..  yes I don’t think I was there yesterday – let’s hope and pray that my disease now deteriorates fast enough in order for me to find some kind of support that actually helps me a little bit rather than this farcical arrangement, which not only feels more like a never-ending pisstake than anything else and which in itself I can never even rely on anyway

Still, let’s just have a laugh. It’s only survival we’re talking about here..

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