Spanner in the works


Not a bad result after a decidedly underwhelming start to the day.

Following an exhausting attempt at communication with, luckily just 50% of the mental health tag team visiting me this morning, I actually ended up a few hours later speaking to someone pleasant at CL Gosford and managed to get a few details amended.

Then made an appointment to try and get some new glasses. Now find myself at the station more than ready to head home. Yet in an hilarious twist to the day’s eventual flow and my mellow resignation to it all, I find my Opal card has a mere $1.83 left on it.

While I could in theory simply add some to the balance, my long-suffering Citibank app has checked out early for the weekend.

I don’t mind skipping lunch (“Lunch is for losers”  as someone one said), but will be glad to be getting home. Let’s see if the Wamberal bus driver on duty today happens to be a mensch.

Will be asking around to borrow a car soon ..

This is actually quite impressive, all I need is to access my online bank account for one minute and move $20 to my checking account, after which I would be able to add a tenner to my Opal card and possibly use the rest for some lunch after all.

Not really whining but it’s a prime example of an increasingly common pattern. What could have ended up a nice-ish end to the day just has to become another stressful saga of near-Icelandic Epic proportions.

Not to worry, though, we’ll get there somehow ..

UPDATE: Lest anyone thinks I’m fast turning into some bah humbug miserable so-and-so, I did eventually make it back to my prized coastal refuge.

But what about lunch, I hear you ask? Well, I’m glad you asked..

Hardly had I reached a picnic table on the Esplanade, catching my breath for a sec, before two friendly tradies asked me if they could share the bench to have their lunch, which for both gents comprised of a pizza each.

“You’re sure you asked for medium?’ “Yeah, Bro ..” “Hmm .. looks more a like a small to me Bro.” 

Then apropos of nothing, one of them turned to me saying, “Hey mate, would you like a slice?”

Moments later, I sat munching on two generous slices of tasty pizza, overlooking a cool and calm panorama – reminding once more of exactly why I love this strange and magnificent country so very much.

Just wish She didn’t have to play so bloody hard to get …



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