No more travel for you!

It’s quite amazing what kind of curve balls one is sometimes expected to be able to return unexpectedly, and seemingly at random in this funny game called survival.

But counting your blessings and appreciating whenever a hand is in fact reaching out to help you genuinely is perhaps a good approach to those times when life seems to be piling up a measure of adversity you might think wholly disproportionate, or just even bloody uncalled for.

And I’m constantly reminded of my own theory that the fundamental dynamic of life is somehow based on some kind of interaction of paradoxical incidents – which is why at pivotal moments in life, the things we notice happening to us can often seem outrageously ironic.

I am going to keep this a short note. Yesterday, I spend the best part of an entire day trying to sort out some familiar CentreLink nonsense, to no avail in the end.

However, as part of that ultimate exercise in vexation control I did get to meet two healthcare professionals, also based in Gosford, who were both very sincere and took time listening to me explaining a few things about some recent trials and tribulations.

For now, I’ve decided not to spend too much time on social media, LinkedIn and what have you. I do realise that those who don’t know me at all, must at times be scratching their heads and raising their eyebrows when confronted with my writing.

And that’s fine. But it is a tad unsettling for me when what in my perception (for what it’s worth) is merely a well-crafted entertaining read, ends up causing people to worry about me in a different way.

So I will try at least for a while not to venture too far outside of The Richard of Oz  – that libertarian safe-haven where I know that I  can express myself freely.

And, as I said to a friend yesterday: What others may regard as way out there, to me often is just familiar ground. But I will admit I was off sick on the day decorum and embarrassment were reviewed.

And so I found the Bliss Nazi telling me a couple of weeks ago – in the middle of a one-on-one interview in Amsterdam with the CEO of NBN Co, that my much-loved (global) roving reporter days have gone.

Hadn’t even begun to scratch the surface of exploring some places I love such as California.

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