Month: Oct 2019

No more travel for you!

It’s quite amazing what kind of curve balls one is sometimes expected to be able to return unexpectedly, and seemingly at random in this funny game called survival. But counting your blessings and appreciating whenever a hand is in fact reaching out to help you genuinely is perhaps a […]

Comedy capers

PREPARING MYSELF FOR ANOTHER ‘PRODUCTIVE’ DAY .. Another day, another Centrelink notification ‘Your Newstart payments have been suspended because you are overseas’ You can’t write this kind of stuff.. well perhaps if you could channel the amalgamated creative wellspring of Nick Cave, the Marquis de Sade and the […]

Home Stretch

Would I like the game of golf? I have no idea. Churchill, who knew how to weave some word magic, once said about golf, “It’s by far the best way to ruin a perfectly good walk.” On my way back from Gosford CentreLink – obliged to ride the […]

On the road again

I used to quite like those affable guys, the punks. I found that more often than not, for all their posturing and mock-aggression, the signed up members of this desperate attempt at forging a credible post-hippy subculture proved to be quite lovely and sensitive .. it was a […]