I know who I’d like to have by  my side when the Pommes Gratin are down.

Also love the hotel’s (read: pub’s) name. Sounds like the drinking hole’s shingle ought to have my mug on it.  I’d be proud to…

Reminds me of one of the first things my biological mother told me when we finally met in the flesh after years of long-haul corresponding.

At once offering me an insight into my Irish heritage as well as that wonderfully Australian acerbic wit, she said, ‘Yep, Richard I’m afraid you’re a descendent of  a long line of Hoares and Lunneys..’

Only way Lord Waffles of Wentworth would have been able to do that picture opp – let alone the actual 🔥firefighting – is with a peg on his nose. Yet the likes of  #theirABC et al invited us to find Abbott ludicrous and Turnbull ‘cool’ …



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