Discover your mould, mould it to your liking or smash it Hoppa-style and reassemble at leisure

One of the reasons I’ve been finding things so tough, even on top of the YOPD, is that I don’t really fit the mould. Never have, not any mould…

After another long but ultimately good day I found myself prostrate on the Queensize at around 2am, having somehow dragged my trusted Chromebook and Pixel phone next to me.

Finally I was able to pay Telecom Times – that demanding mistress – the attention warranted, especially since it was the day when Leon, my outstanding Contributing Editor, was leaving the TT fold to take up a full time role elsewhere.

I owe it to Leon that there even is a publication at all right now, given that we more or less manned the SS Precarious together these last few months, encountering some strong headwinds. And I knew my other team members also needed me to get in touch – which hadn’t been possible.

Finally, got the newsletter out in the wee hours FireShot Capture 095 - Telecom Times Newsletter -

Previously, I had met  with my good friend Ingrid. While it was nice to try to catch up, both being busy people – my speech was so bad it got to me, and Gloomsville loomed as the next stop.

I no longer will be straddling North Sydney and the Coast, as I am ending the tenancy of my Edward St. studio. Why exactly this made me so sad yesterday might be a nice ice-breaker when I rock up at shrinkmeister Yoshi’s consultation rooms in a month or so. IMG_20190927_194111_3.jpg

Legacy Orchid

Very few people have ever been invited to this little sanctuary … but enough about this, it will keep.

What I do think is worth remembering is to not fall for the fake fluffy comfort of the victim role, that way lies resentment madness. Also, don’t raise your own worries above those of others FULL STOP.

And, as my busy friend and I agreed upon in our press release following our high level Peroni pit stop at a Pyrmont pub, ‘keep making those good times happen, no matter what.’

Let’s let in the sunshine ..



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