School of hard knocks – can I go home now, please?

Just got back from Officeworks where I scanned some recent specialists’ reports to send on to Parkinson’s NSW in preparation of yet another claim for NDIS support,  only to learn via SMS that once again, my precious Newstart payments have been suspended.

This, farcically, is because I’ve been remiss in not having pounded the streets wasting potential employers’ time asking if they have an urgent vacancy for a rapidly declining YOPD sufferer with as an added bonus a recently emerging severe case of depression.

And, all this is before I have yet to see the elusive Cinnamon, or Citadel or Scimitar (my new Centrelink contact who is meant, for her sins, to help me find part-time work), who if you remember dear readers, was off sick when I turned up at the agreed appointment last week.

When I told my GP yesterday that her supporting letter requesting an exemption of the job seeking obligation for the Newstart payments had made no impact whatsoever, she was baffled.

Please note that I am not divulging these neverending happenstances in a plea for sympathy or empathy. It’s simply becoming very important to me that some kind of record of this Kafkaesk merry-go-round remains.

I had started a separate live Google page  for that purpose for new and old service providers, with a view to updating it whenever I could, but it’s now fast resembling such an avalanche of Fawlty Towers like nonsense that I fear I won’t be able to keep up.

So instead of my plan for today, which was to make some progress on the NDIS front, I will be doing the Newstart limbo once again.

One thought on “School of hard knocks – can I go home now, please?

  1. Om verschrikkelijk boos van te worden zeg..! Jeetje hoe bedoel je van het kastje naar de muur gestuurd worden… wat een kortzichtige mensen 🤬

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