The Age of Ignoramus

Tomorrow should be an interesting day. I’ll be rocking up (read turning up) at the agency here on the Coast in charge of helping me find part-time work. This, if you remember, is a requirement for me to be able to receive the token support of $516 per fortnight.

This new person, I couldn’t quite make out her name when she phoned me last week … Cinnamon or Persimmon or something, sounded like one of those government officials who just want to get through a day without too much involvement. But I could be wrong and should keep an open mind.

However, colour me jaded as well as blase as just today I received a letter from Canberra saying the request for an exemption of the job seeking requirement, which my supportive GP had written for me, has been rejected.

I had asked her to write such a letter, which I had hoped would have meant a glimmer of breathing space in that for at least the next three months, I wouldn’t have to apply for work in order to get that minimal support.

My thinking was perhaps by that time I could have a final DSP and NDIS claim in the works again.

But it’s not to be. I am now so effing fed up with jumping through hoops just for those weekly $200, I think I am just going to cause a bit of a media stir. When they ignore a serious and factual request from a GP saying I shouldn’t be made to work right now, and I’m expected to approach employers in my current condition, then definitely something is rotten in the state of Denmark.

The best I can expect is that she is sympathetic and will, like her predecessor, hint that I should just comply by deliberately applying for jobs I know I won’t have a hope in Hell of landing.

But I resent that. In all honesty, I can’t bring myself to pretend to ANY potential employer that he or she can consider me a safe bet. And for what? For a very small amount which is withdrawn anyway everytime I leave the country attending a telco event.

Ok, so they think my PD is not a big deal. Certainly not worth me receiving any level of genuine support. If that’s the case I’m leaning towards showing up tomorrow in the worst possible condition and while proving my point as argued above, raising some much needed awareness – or rather hammering home –  some insight into the challenges involved with PD.

As usual, I saved the best for last.

The official reason my exemption request was turned down is because…. my condition is permanent, not temporary.

Well, I only have myself to blame for contracting a chronic, degenerative disease without a cure. That’ll teach me, next time I’ll aim for a bad back or a sore tooth…

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