Month: Sep 2019

This is Australia

I know who I’d like to have by  my side when the Pommes Gratin are down. Also love the hotel’s (read: pub’s) name. Sounds like the drinking hole’s shingle ought to have my mug on it.  I’d be proud to… Reminds me of one of the first things […]


Choice on the telly right now: some AFL meat heads bumping into each other in Brisbane or The Richard of Oz … Hey, that reminds me of that website The Wizard of Oz, youse should have a squiz (slang alert). Easy choice for those of us bursting with masculine […]

Battlestar Parkinsonia

Hanging in there, Strappado-style … that seems to be my mantra at the present time. It’s so interesting – albeit in a thoroughly ‘you shouldn’t have’ soul-destroying way – to detect just to what extent the mind can influence so much of our general well-being. While I’ve always […]