Sanctuary, solace and sensibility

On the caffeine progress front things are looking up. Yesterday, I only spilt half my latte, with the passengers’s seat bearing the brunt of the slip-up on this occasion.

Am just checking in to say, I’ll be enjoying a much needed self-imposed retreat, away from the social media minutiae and most other temporal distractions. So, if you find I’m hard to reach for a while, just remember I’lldownload (9) be trying hard to discard at least one or two spinning plates… ώπα!!

Among other pressing priorities, an attempt to start rebuilding some of the bridges I torched along the way of this strange Sifrolic long and winding road, which has seen me both Himmelhoch jauchzend, [as well as] zu Tode betrübt, and which at long last does now seem to be coming to a point where Deo Volente, some respite may well be on the cards (provided I play them right) is first and foremost on this PD pilgrim’s agenda.

Might need to consult a carpenter, I suppose … all sorted.

Will be checking personal emails etc. every now and then but am just in need of a breather. Luckily, one tried and tested remedy is to keep in mind that music hath charms to sooth a savage breast.

Until further notice…

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