Inventory Blues

A ghost, a shell A left over half-memory of what -  on earth -  I might have been. Burning bridges while I stride, Leaving those around me, pre-emptive strikes. Lest they, like me, find out too soon Once again, a wager lost. Trust placed in me - a darkened horse. What crazy odds.. Could've stayed …

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The art of looking good while feeling utterly disposable

In a country where not that long ago but certainly pre-Turnbull days, it would have been quite feasible to find oneself downing a scooner in shorts and T-shirt (I won't say singlet) while standing at the bar of a hotel (read pub) next to the Prime Minister or other such exalted presence, equally dressed in …

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Sanctuary, solace and sensibility

On the caffeine progress front things are looking up. Yesterday, I only spilt half my latte, with the passengers's seat bearing the brunt of the slip-up on this occasion. Am just checking in to say, I'll be enjoying a much needed self-imposed retreat, away from the social media minutiae and most other temporal distractions. So, …

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