Funny, the things you unearth when – after a few decades of roaming around this ole world – you feel as though maybe, just maybe you’ve ended up somewhere you could tentatively imagine you could start breathing and stop treading water… (mixed metaphor alert).

Opened another box I had lost sight of for years and found some documentation, which going forward, I can now start using to answer the question: “Is there any …. in your family history/have you been inoculated against … ?” with some measure of certainty.


Then, I came across this next photo I had lost sight of, and which is always guaranteed to stir up considerable emotional turmoil. (#mynaturalfatherholdingyourstruly)

As my outlook on life, as well as its remaining duration (as allocated to me, by me depending on certain as yet expected albeit still unforeseen factors) has changed so dramatically, I’m adamant to mend my ways, rebuild certain bridges, and step up efforts to minimise the chance of croaking while harbouring too many avoidable regrets.

After all, you only live once. Thank God…


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