My Kingdom for a DVD region hack

Quick update on the old hot turkey process (getting on a first name basis with M. Adopar, Maddie Par O, Mad Opa – suggestions welcome, no really!).

Caused a bit of a stir at the local surgery this morning, bless them.. My whole life I’ve been telling people, ‘Don’t assume anything about me’.

I was getting desperate with the near-constant freezing, which is a common side effect during the early stages. Then again, assumptions. 

Have you talked to your doctor about this? Well, I tried but when I rang you on Friday, dear well meaning receptionist, you slammed the phone down saying,  ‘Sorry it’s a bad line, please ring back!’ Which was a physical impossibility. 

This morning, all I wanted was that for same receptionist to help me arrange for a home visit by a GP, any GP, even that Simpsons one who matriculated from the University of Guadalajara (insert your own preferred hilarious GIF meme).

Oh well, I apologised to her for giving her my two dollar cents worth this morning. She must have been taken aback then, but that was nothing compared to my Righteous Indignation Full Force Gale response to,  once again, feeling like I’m not being heard, not being taken seriously, sensing I’d be sent on my way with no real help having been offered.

So weird how they just can’t see what forces I can muster until I’m obliged to hand out a sample, a taster if you will. Really didn’t want this to happen, not looking for notoriety here. Quite the opposite.

Just had a bit of sleep, taken another pill and waiting for it to kick in fully. Then I know I’ll have about 25 minutes of sheer bliss = being totally agile and lucid.

My choices are, while I prepare for both eventualities:

A) a very quick tidy up of the bomb shelter that passes for my bachelor’s pad,

B) a very quick shower and a ten minute dash to get a fish supper and some Crown lagers

(But that would entail driving and I no longer want to take any risk for fear of the powers that be – you know the same ones that seem to think PD is on a (Mado) par with a lazy case of man flu – deploy their caring flying monkeys and I end up forfeiting my fraught freedom in one of their giant nets.

Perhaps i will stay in, it’s warm and I’ve got some stuff left. Let’s focus on feeling better and getting up to feeling like a chat on the phone later tonight. Really want to have a few chats if I’m up to it later. Need to call someone in the greater Lane Cove Road area, and would also love to chat with Gouda, The Hague and Ommoord and even Utrecht perhaps at some stage over the weekend.

My little brother cracked me up last night. He was at a jazz gig in Holland, watching Joe Jackson. My bro said he laughed a hearty laugh when Joe took the stage, saying ‘Hi everyone, how is everyone feeling? I just got here from a gig in Dresden where I performed to a sell-out crowd of 250!’ I doubt many of the punters would have got that one. #bombercommand

Thank Tetragrammaton I have a DVD player and quite a few discs to go with it. No buffering or dropping out here! Solid state all the way baby!

Just haven’t found the region hack to the new TV/DVD set yet, which would be great as it would instantly quadruple this hermit’s viewing options.

The coolest of cool intros, thank you QT!

But I’d just be happy if one of the as yet unopened removalists’ boxes contains:

  • To Die For
  • Jackie Brown

Let’s face it, there’s only so many times you can watch Fletch, Midnight Run and Planes, Trains and Automobiles, although I have a soft spot for almost all 80s flicks.

Yesterday evening I watched Platoon, followed by Muriel’s Wedding and thoroughly enjoyed both again. (‘Write out a blank cheque!’ ‘Sure, darl. How much for?’)

Next films on the menu:

Am guessing this medic probably bulk bills..

Cannonball Run for some light fare during whatever repast might materialise at some stage, followed by any one of these of my All Time Faves:

  • The Year of Living Dangerously (Tell me about it! Roll over Liz and your Annus Horribilis)
  • Badlands (highly recommend!)
  • The Long Goodbye (Is also my no 1. You do the math)
  • The Mission

Plans for tomorrow:

Make a start on trying to fit out the new Queen Size bedding. Will probably take me all day. Am interviewing someone for a carer’s position on Tuesday. Can’t really afford it at all, needless to say, but I’ll just have to make serious budget cuts elsewhere #refusingtolivewithoutbeingabletowipearse

Also, might look into some remedial course on map reading & GPS coordinates as well as learning how to grovel to outstanding, sympathetic florists with proven track records.

Finally, just a bit of fun. Overheard in shopping centre during rush hour. Slightly frazzled female on the phone to, I’m pretty sure, a male with no hope of ever being able to match her in the smart department:

“No, that’s not what they said! Listen up, they said affordable housing, not free housing!!”

Gotta have a laugh.


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