Non-denominational prayer request

In my view of what makes life worth living, or a team worth backing, there is room for David Pocock as well as Israel Folau – a measure of grace, kindness and stoicism wouldn’t go amiss. I will leave that there. Apologies for this topical antipodean titbit to my overseas readership, which I’m being told is gaining beyond all control.

This morning, for instance, our post room was inundated with an email.

Seriously though. I tend to wax quasi-humourous whenever something of import presents itself. Case in point, my tongue in cheek LinkedIn role status change. It’s still  continuing BTW.

An early mentor FAR REMOVED FROM THE INK STAIN OF JOURNALISM once impressed on me: ‘Although they’re all irrationally reverent of the written word, no one reads what actually is written.’

Top prize of an vintage air guitar goes to Doug Farndale, VP of Sales at Apvera for twigging right away.

Ok serious at last. Family and friends in the know are aware of today’s magnitude. It’s a huge day and I will be signing off social media for a while.

Thanks to a Facebook post highlighted by Parkinson’s New South Wales last week, which referred to a news item (on Channel 9, I believe) about a new trial, and me that day for once being remotely understandable on the phone when I submitted my details – as well as some intense prayers from some good friends….

….this morning I received the following email. Hence, please pray for me…presbyterian, pagan, baptist, bahai, sufi, shaman, 7th day adventist, rugby union hardhead, sikh, hindu, buddhist, Koori, R.C. and all of you wonderful, amazing people who astound me every single day of my truly blessed life.

Hi Richard,

Thank you for registering your interest in the ANAVEX Parkinson’s trial.

I just left a voice message, just wanting to inform you we are waiting to get the start date confirmed, which will likely be in approximately 2 weeks time.

You are on top of our list and we will contact you again closer to the start date and give further details then.

Kind regards,


Receptionist| KaRa Institute of Neurological Diseases|
Trading as KaRa MINDS



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