Full Circle

Seems to be a theme for me here right now. In the most surprising of ways at times.

Heather-Kennedy-Headshot-GreyOn a personal level, I find it incredibly inspiring to have found a fellow warrior who seems to be able to convey in two or three words, or in a three minute video clip what I still struggle with so many times, every single day.

I find that when Bloody Mr Parkinson’s just won’t shift, i.e. when I’m caught out and find myself adrift in the world of the Normals, the stares and cares become so heavy.

These are the times when I am shaken to the core (no pun intended), the shuffling little old man appears, his voice trembling and weak.

The other day, I found myself on one of the busiest thoroughfares in downtown Sydney, trying – and failing – to open my lifesavers, the Sinemet bottle. My hoarse cries ‘Excuse me?’ were met by steely gazes, eyes fixed forward, anywhere but in the line of sight of the anonymous nutter/junkie/lost prophet/errant geography teacher…

For a while now, I’ve been wanting to somehow make video clips of these occurrences. I could use some guidance and mentoring, wink wink to the East Bay area..

At any rate, drawing on some amazing existing local support, the first stages of this audacious new path have been taken. I’m looking at three projects in this series, the first two of which will, hopefully, appear on this site.

There is a way forward, still, but I sense deep within that it’s imperative that it includes that something related to my affliction, with which I can now – like some coppers found unexpectedly in the lining of the sofa cushions ( some glittering new currency ) reach beyond my own diminishing prowess and find some way to help, guide, hearten others.

And if along the way, I can turn one of two of those Dante-esk off-periods into a opportunity to teach someone something about this bastard of a disease, then so much the better.

I shall call that last bit of my chosen path The Work.. (pause for solemn on-message Hollywood sincerity)





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