Mission statement

images (5)With my second marriage having run aground, and my Parkinson’s Disease cheerfully attacking all manner of capabilities I took for granted only months, weeks ago – even days ago – I’ve decided to use this fledgling website as my lifetime manifesto, my drawn out farewell message and more.

It’s so hard to share anything real with another human being. Some books, films, musical expressions or religious and philosophical observations mean so much to me.

Yet, on those rare occasions that I tried to divulge something of why some things get to my heart in such a full-on way, it tended to fall on deaf ears.

So, this website will also be used for that sharing purpose. The idea is that before I shuffle off this mortal coil, I will make arrangements for it remain online in perpetuity.

Facing a diagnosis like PD certainly brings into sharp focus one’s own priorities. And, at the same time, some once-cherished notions, concepts and desires simply fade away as if they never mattered anyway – which is quite an odd sensation in its own right.

With time running out, and my firm intention not to end up Stephen Hawkings style under any circumstances, I will be returning to this website over and over again to see if I can fill in the blanks of the Books in progress section and other planned projects as far as I can.

Sorry to disappoint any foes of TT, but I’m not headed for that curmudgeon’s eldorado where the only thing one still cares about is the location of one’s pipe and slippers, and whether one’s striped pyamas have been pulled up way too high.

However, I do intend to shift my editorial focus slightly and delve deeper into those stories where it’s apparent that tech and telco have made a huge beneficial impact to the lives of those facing major medical ordeals. An embryonic entity is already skulking through the labyrinthine corridors of the virtual Telecom Times office. Feel free to check it out now.

Proviso: Just be aware that as on a good day, I might be lucky to have about 30 minutes of decent typing capacity available, much of the content is bound to remain patchy and fragmented – much like me, really..



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