After a few ghastly days, I’m going out to a new slice of Iberian paradise I found yesterday after I left Ingrid’s lovely and successful launch party.

After the troubling events of the past few days, I didn’t quite feel like going back to my postage stamp studio with an upmarket postcode. I felt a tad maudlin, wistful and pensive (google it youngsters..).

In fact, this is how I felt:  sigh..

But soon I was sitting face to face with a genuine Paella Valenciana, stupendously good Patatas Bravas in my ideal restaurant Allegrias..

And of course, the people, always the people.

Tonight, then I’m going to check out the flamenco 

“Make sure you book early Sir, as it’s always busy on Saturdays because of the music and dancing,” said La Colombiana.