Hot Turkey

I remember a fellow PD traveller once enjoying my turn of phrase in describing my struggle with getting onto some heavy duty PD dope. I too remember those heady days, and sadly at times feel not much has changed. I mean, I am forever grateful for new friends, […]

No pasa nada

A close female friend – exasperated by some boorish behaviour on the part of perhaps one of our less enlightened brethren – asked me a few years ago why some/most/all men seem so preoccupied with the allure of all things feminine. [ I am paraphrasing ..] I can’t […]

Serendipity & Serenity

Two beautiful sounding words .. could they be girls’ names? I remember once, in a Sainsbury’s in Kingswood, Bristol hearing a mum call out for her progeny in the next aisle: “Jericho! Leave those Wagonwheels alone, come on! We haven’t got much time!” I finds her choice choice […]

Vade retro ..

As the world’s multitudes prepare to take the bait currently being cooked up for them, fooling themselves that Gaia is merely having a hissy fit and teaching those nasty capitalist institutions a long overdue lesson, I find myself brought down to my knees once more. Far from secure […]

Too easy

Well, once again I’m bowled over by human kindness. The lady featuring in the second part of this post a few weeks ago, saw me coming in to the store on foot and using my boring walking stick earlier this week. It was a hot afternoon but I […]

Strange Days

Of course, I have much more to say on the whole viral conundrum but for now, keep it simple & keep it local perhaps? If nothing else, although it seems like the ultimate post-modern Me-generation type crisis where, bizarrely but in terms of Zeitgeist itself so incredibly appropriately, […]

Don’t Panic!

Since writing this blog post and having learnt first hand from family and friends in Europe some of the extent to which the spread of the Crown virus has started to wreak havoc, I do of course express my support generally and prayers for those afflicted and those […]

Born to be Wilde

.. is how Stephen Fry quipped about his film role as the great Irish wit. Personally, I loved the writer’s one-liners or aphorisms almost as much as his plays or poems. After all, it’s hard for me not to like this little pearl:   ‘I can resist anything […]

Ricochet Roller Coaster

My sister used to call me Ricochet Rabbit when I was a wee lad. These days I feel more like Ricochet Roller Coaster or something. Perhaps it’s just me feeling I constantly have to play catch-up to events being rearranged, goal posts forever being moved hither and dither […]

Film night

Just about to watch Awakenings.. had really hoped to be able to watch it together with someone else but hey, what are you gonna do? I ain’t gonna hire someone to come and watch it with me.. I have seen it many years ago, aeons before L-Dopa meant […]

The bare essentials

Good to see good things happening to good people, well done Jessa! I will provide an update on my own awareness raising plans in this area shortly. Jessa says: Introducing The Nude Blogger – my first ever YouTube video! Pretty please watch, share, subscribe and give it a […]

Turn up for the books

So grateful to be able to mend a few more bridges. And not just any old shaky river crossing, nay i say, ‘Hip hip hoorah as my erstwhile inspiration the fair Kathleen out of the blue came in like a disco ball today – all dancing and singing […]

Calming down big time

Returned home to a warm Wamberal embrace after yet some more rollercoaster days, with having to ditch my black beamer and following a temporary lifting of my spirits when, for a moment it seemed as though at long last I’d found a way forward in terms of tackling […]

A tale of some cities

Just now, carefully going about my business, I picked up on quite a bit of tension in the atmosphere .. that nervous pre-public holiday kind of mild panic. I just counted my blessings that at least, small mercies indeed, I didn’t have to drag Mr Madopar into a […]

Honi Soit and all that jazz

Amazingly, Jessa’s been banned from yet another platform. That’s a frighting development which I want to spend some time on soon. It’s so unhealthy that the people who can’t or won’t make a distinction between the nude form and any sexual connotations – either sound or lurid – […]

Smugness is as smugness does

Travelling around Europe about six years ago as a devastatingly awkward 18 or 19yr old, I enjoyed people everywhere saying, “Ah! Holland. Cruyff!” Over the years this turned into, “Ah, Holland. Van Basten, Gullit!” Somehow it never became, “Ah, Holland. Van de Kerkhof!” For me, the Boy from […]


I must be turning into an old so and so. Last Sunday morning i was up with the kind of lovely people you tend to meet in a lovely place such as this. The couples walking their dogs, the girls walking their iPhones, the early coffee fanatics savouring […]

Trial & (T)error

The Chatswood Boxing for PD is a really good programme, I had a few sessions a while ago, which unfortunately I was unable to continue with due to other considerations at the time. But for anyone with PD or caring for someone with PD in Sydney I would […]

Here comes the sun

Incredible, how a person in strife can be buoyed just by being allowed to slow down, catch one’s breath and find not just understanding and sympathy but hey presto, actually a keen professional insight, a most sensitive appraisal of what said person needs (has been in need of […]