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About DHM, The Parkinsonian, ROZ and all that jazz


Update: Managed to get forms off to GP, relieved to hear back from Social Worker re contact previous stuff on coastal wolfs’ lair. The noise seems to be starting up next door but I’m far from mobile today, still very much needing to guard my energy level. I was pleased to escape early this morning for the first time in a while though. 

Plan for the rest of the day would have been, making my way to shop in Crows Nest to have watch band tightened, I need to lose a few links/shackles/marbles .. wp-15906264053408672013998314014656.jpg

The sun always seems so inviting to me, lifting me up almost instantaneously. But I’m sure it’s too cold for a swim. And the place could do with some fair dinkum full on mega hoovering, I suppose.


Oh, in other good news, the Chapel is open once again!



While my situation is still very precarious and that long-overdue good news I needed and need so badly never materialised, I am once again heartened to find such wonderful support from the interim team here ..

Hamper time

* Will not be able to publish anything new requiring decent bandwidth (as in images and videos)  due to my plan being restricted until I can afford to upgrade. This means ROZ cannot accept any further payments of support either. God is a prankster ..


Up-to-date Health records, This is more for those medical professionals taking an interest. In the midst of the recent demise, I tried to keep an eye on my worrying weight loss trend. Of course, I myself am keen to also keep track of other physical processes bound to be waning big time before long.

You may remember Diary of an Anti-Patient. Don’t think I have the time or inclination to go into that kind of detail. Didn’t really get me anywhere anyway.

Something new, I’m trying is my stand-alone social media platform venture Type Face. I reckon as long as I manage to keep this website going, I am not likely to ban myself for being outspoken, straightforward or uninhibited. Goodbye Zuckers!

Supporters update: Got a notification I now need to upgrade my plan again first in order to be able to accept any new payments LOL.  This is what I mean, you can’t make this kind of thing up..

For those of you who’ve already been quick to show your support, please be assured that  it won’t be in vain. I will find some way of getting the funds to be able to get the upgrade fee so I can display another ‘show your support, donate’ button again at some stage.