Honi Soit and all that jazz

Amazingly, Jessa’s been banned from yet another platform. That’s a frighting development which I want to spend some time on soon. It’s so unhealthy that the people who can’t or won’t make a distinction between the nude form and any sexual connotations – either sound or lurid – […]

Smugness is as smugness does

Travelling around Europe about six years ago as a devastatingly awkward 18 or 19yr old, I enjoyed people everywhere saying, “Ah! Holland. Cruyff!” Over the years this turned into, “Ah, Holland. Van Basten, Gullit!” Somehow it never became, “Ah, Holland. Van de Kerkhof!” For me, the Boy from […]


I must be turning into an old so and so. Last Sunday morning i was up with the kind of lovely people you tend to meet in a lovely place such as this. The couples walking their dogs, the girls walking their iPhones, the early coffee fanatics savouring […]

Trial & (T)error

The Chatswood Boxing for PD is a really good programme, I had a few sessions a while ago, which unfortunately I was unable to continue with due to other considerations at the time. But for anyone with PD or caring for someone with PD in Sydney I would […]

Here comes the sun

Incredible, how a person in strife can be buoyed just by being allowed to slow down, catch one’s breath and find not just understanding and sympathy but hey presto, actually a keen professional insight, a most sensitive appraisal of what said person needs (has been in need of […]

Rogue Gents Brigade

How I wish I could zigzag along ..  something tells me Nick and I would get on like a medical specialist and his favourite accountant. Also both being confirmed bachelors of course .. Seems like a great initiative though, especially for those blokes who can’t see the gumtrees, […]

Spanner in the works

Not a bad result after a decidedly underwhelming start to the day. Following an exhausting attempt at communication with, luckily just 50% of the mental health tag team visiting me this morning, I actually ended up a few hours later speaking to someone pleasant at CL Gosford and […]

No more travel for you!

It’s quite amazing what kind of curve balls one is sometimes expected to be able to return unexpectedly, and seemingly at random in this funny game called survival. But counting your blessings and appreciating whenever a hand is in fact reaching out to help you genuinely is perhaps a […]

Comedy capers

PREPARING MYSELF FOR ANOTHER ‘PRODUCTIVE’ DAY .. Another day, another Centrelink notification ‘Your Newstart payments have been suspended because you are overseas’ You can’t write this kind of stuff.. well perhaps if you could channel the amalgamated creative wellspring of Nick Cave, the Marquis de Sade and the […]

Home Stretch

Would I like the game of golf? I have no idea. Churchill, who knew how to weave some word magic, once said about golf, “It’s by far the best way to ruin a perfectly good walk.” On my way back from Gosford CentreLink – obliged to ride the […]

On the road again

I used to quite like those affable guys, the punks. I found that more often than not, for all their posturing and mock-aggression, the signed up members of this desperate attempt at forging a credible post-hippy subculture proved to be quite lovely and sensitive .. it was a […]

This is Australia

I know who I’d like to have by  my side when the Pommes Gratin are down. Also love the hotel’s (read: pub’s) name. Sounds like the drinking hole’s shingle ought to have my mug on it.  I’d be proud to… Reminds me of one of the first things […]


Choice on the telly right now: some AFL meat heads bumping into each other in Brisbane or The Richard of Oz … Hey, that reminds me of that website The Wizard of Oz, youse should have a squiz (slang alert). Easy choice for those of us bursting with masculine […]

Battlestar Parkinsonia

Hanging in there, Strappado-style … that seems to be my mantra at the present time. It’s so interesting – albeit in a thoroughly ‘you shouldn’t have’ soul-destroying way – to detect just to what extent the mind can influence so much of our general well-being. While I’ve always […]

The Age of Ignoramus

Tomorrow should be an interesting day. I’ll be rocking up (read turning up) at the agency here on the Coast in charge of helping me find part-time work. This, if you remember, is a requirement for me to be able to receive the token support of $516 per […]

La Vie en Rose

Just now, on a bright sunny Monday on the cusp of Spring – and feeling hopelessly prone to the new unwelcome, overbearing lodger D. E. Pression (he just turned up one day and I can’t seem to shake him) – I thought to myself, ‘Could stay at home […]